Capital Raising & Investor Management For the Digital Economy.

Digitize Your Investment Offerings

Effortlessly Collaborate With Stakeholders

Reduce Administrative Overhead

Grow Your Client Base & Increase Revenue

Remove Friction & Reduce Costs

Automate client onboarding, reporting, & payments so you can scale your business effortlessly. 

Grow Your Business & Excite Your Clients

Our intuitive self-serve portal allows you to stand-out from the competition & deliver an exceptional experience to your investors. 

Leverage Data & Discover Trends

Take the guesswork out of business decisions. Know how your investment offerings are performing and what your clients are looking at. 

Build Trust Through Transparency

Access real-time & verifiable transactional information stored securely on an immutable & encrypted ledger.

Work Better, Together.

Bring all your internal & external stakeholders together on a single platform to efficiently collaborate on investment offerings. Don’t have the right resources? Find professionals & companies through MetaConnect.


Broker Dealers

Thrive in the digital economy by scaling your business while delivering exceptional service.


Fund Managers

Create digital units of your fund to automate back-office operations and leverage real-time settlement.


Transfer Agents

Record share ownership on the Blockchain & differentiate yourself from the competition.

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